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Today is the 68th anniversary of D-Day, the day the Allied powers crossed the English Channel and landed on the beaches of Normandy, France beginning the liberation of Western Europe from Nazi control during World War II. In honor of this day, we are offering a list of collections currently in Acumen that are related in some way to World War II, including collections of letters written by soldiers fighting in the war. These collections offer us valuable insight into the lives of these soldiers and their loved ones.

Bill Aston Letters
Five letters from Bill Aston to Martha Baird in Miami, Florida, all written on U.S. Naval Air Station stationery during World War II. He discusses life in the barracks, getting into trade school, and food at the base.

Berman Family Papers
These papers contain material created and kept by the Berman family of St. Louis, Missouri. The bulk of the collection is made up of letters written by Dr. William (Bill) Berman and his wife, Marian, from Ft. Riley, Kansas, where Bill served as an Army doctor during World War II.

O.E. Bruce Jr. Letters
This collection contains correspondence from O. E. Bruce Jr. to his parents Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Bruce Sr. in Louisville, Kentucky. He details his day to day activities and writes accounts of what is happening while is serving World War II.

Andrew William Johnson Jr. Papers
Correspondence, photographs, diary, books, stationery set, newspaper clippings, and dog tags of Andrew William Johnson Jr. of Louisville, Kentucky, during the 1940s, before and after he was in the Army.

Jolley Family Letters
Letters written by Amy, William, and Jack while William and Jack were in the Armed Services during World War II – William with the 363rd Infantry, 91st Division in Italy and Jack with the 642nd Engineer Company in New Guinea.

King Family Papers
Approximately 50 letters written by and to the King family of Dayton, Ohio. The King sons wrote of their experiences in the armed forces during World War II. Louis was stationed in New Orleans while Robert Jr. trained to be a pilot for the Air Transport Command in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Freddie Lindsay Jr. Letters
This collection contains V-mail letters to and from Lindsay, who was stationed in the South Pacific during World War II. Most of the letters are to his sweetheart, Helene Phillips, in New Jersey. They discuss missing home, church services in the jungle, movies and family.

Elbert Nixdorf Letters
Letters written to Elbert Nixdorf of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who served in the U.S. Army Special Services during World War II. Some letters are from friends he made while abroad. They discuss daily life, the war, school, and gifts, and some are in French and Spanish.

Rolland Plattner Letters
This collection contains 41 letters written by Rolland Plattner, serving in the Pacific theater during World War II, to his friend Charles Regnier of Clifton, Illinois. Plattner’s letters detailed his life in Army camps across Hawaii, New Guinea and the Philippines.

H. K. Puckett Letter
A letter written by H. K. Puckett to Mr. Buckland about his experiences during World War II.

Lewis P. Schindler Letters
Lewis Schindler, while stationed in Camp Cooke, California; Toledo, Ohio; and Camp Bowie, Texas, writes letters to his friend, Lanier Merritt, of the landscape, daily military life, his travels, and his position as a Special Duty Officer at Camp Bowie, Texas, during World War II.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Service Men’s Center Scrapbook []
A scrapbook containing photographs, letters, greeting cards, newspapers clippings, activity programs , and other items relating to the Tuscaloosa Service Men’s Center for soldiers during World War II.

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