UA Army ROTC Scrapbooks

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Since last fall, we’ve had the opportunity to digitize a sizable set of large scrapbooks from a surprising source: the University of Alabama Army ROTC. Who knew that military men and women could be so interesting!

Dating from 1953 to 1983, these scrapbooks cover thirty years of activity for the group — and thirty years of American culture. The books (the latter half of which are online, with more to come) give us a sense of the changes in group activities and training emphases as the Vietnam war came and went, evolving photography practices, and even shifts in styles of dress and hair (and facial hair!).

1960-61: A visit from Governor John Patterson

visit from the governor, 1960-1961 volume

1969-70: Worn out from field training exercises (FTX)

ROTC members resting during training, 1969-1970 volume

Facing protesters during an exhibition on the Quad

students protesting the ROTC, 1969-1970 volume

1970-71: Ropes course at Rangers training

on the ropes course, 1970-1971 volume

Parachute training at summer camp

parachute training, 1970-1971 volume

1971-72: Homecoming parade, Sponsors float

sponsors in the homecoming parade, 1971-1972 volume

Training at Ft. McClellan

training, 1971-1972 volume

shooting practice, 1971-1972 volume

1972-73: Scabbard and Blade blood drive

blood drive, 1972-1973 volume

1978-1979: Self Defense training

hand-to-hand combat practice, 1978-1978 volume

Raft races

rafting trip, 1978-1978 volume

Mid-winter commissioning

midwinter commission, 1978-1978 volume

1980-81: Rangers building the Homecoming bonfire

building the homecoming bonfire, 1980-1981 volume

Rapelling practice

rapelling practice, 1980-1981 volume

1981-1982: FTX at Fort McClellan

training, 1981-1982 volume

Helicopter at Rangers FTX

helicopter, 1981-1982 volume

1982-83: Annual Military Ball

annual military ball, 1982-1983 volume

1983-84: Annual Military Ball

at annual military ball, 1983-1984 volume

Parade banner

alabama corps of cadets, 1983-1984 volume

We’re still working our way through this collection, so stay tuned as we continue to move back and back, all the way to 1953.

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