Staff Favorites: April Burnett

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By: April Burnett, W.S. Hoole Library Archival Technician

Cool@Hoole thought it’d be fun to feature our staff’s favorites from among our collections. After all, closed stacks collections mean that users rely on us to know our materials in and out so that we can share the best resources for their classes or research. Along the way, we’ve not only become experts on our holdings, but also found items that we are particularly drawn to ourselves.

So, just as bookstores have “staff favorites” or “staff recommendation” shelves, we’ll have occasional blog posts showing our best picks from Hoole.

Archival Technician April Burnett’s favorite collection is the Walter B. Jones photographs (2011.004). April notes that this collection spans basically his entire life. Jones seemed like an incredibly interesting and smart man who had a wonderful family and led an enriching life. I especially enjoy all his travel photographs either during the wars or personal travel. April also reminds viewers that there’s only about 800-900 photos online, but there’s over 5,600 total. The remainder can only be seen by coming to visit Hoole in person.


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