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Hidden Pictures are Dynamite!

I found this unusual bit of advertising while scanning a box from our Perkins collection. The advertisement is promoting the purchase of dynamite for the use of subsoiling. I’m not sure if using a toy-like device with hidden folk-tale pictures … Continue reading

Audio Digitization: a look at the Rohlig process

Audio Digitization is a completely different type of mole hill than Image Digitization. There are different concerns, such as playback speeds, distortion, clipping, etc. There are also different types of technical metadata needed, such as track begin and end times. … Continue reading

A Civil War Perspective: Benjamin Gaston

Benjamin J. Gaston served as a first lieutenant with the Independent 2nd Battalion Alabama Volunteers and as a private in the 10th Alabama Cavalry.  He wrote several letters to his parents, and sometimes his brothers and sisters, between 1859 and … Continue reading

The Other Black Art

Since we are two days away from Valentine’s Day, you’re probably expecting a blog about love and romance. Close, this blog is about the automation of repetitive tasks through the use of a scripting language, and who doesn’t love that? Perhaps you … Continue reading

Advanced Acumen Searching

Acumen is big. Very big. And it’s getting bigger.  I’m pointing this out because when databases like Acumen get big, they become impossible to search through manually. Generally speaking, one can’t just browse casually through thousands and thousands of folder directories and … Continue reading