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How to Shoot an American Quilt

When Digital Services was asked to provide images for an upcoming book on longtime donor Wade Hall’s amazing array of archival collections, most of the requests were fairly standard: book covers, documents, and photos. Even the occasional 8-Track box or daguerreotype wasn’t all … Continue reading

Audio Digitization: a look at the Rohlig process

Audio Digitization is a completely different type of mole hill than Image Digitization. There are different concerns, such as playback speeds, distortion, clipping, etc. There are also different types of technical metadata needed, such as track begin and end times. … Continue reading

When patterns attack

Up until about a month ago, I’d never heard the term moiré pattern, but I’d definitely seen them in action. You probably have, too. It might’ve looked something like this… …or maybe this… A moiré pattern, which may appear as … Continue reading

The Other Black Art

Since we are two days away from Valentine’s Day, you’re probably expecting a blog about love and romance. Close, this blog is about the automation of repetitive tasks through the use of a scripting language, and who doesn’t love that? Perhaps you … Continue reading

Invisible Digitization?

Sometimes Digital Services captures “Oddities,” which is content that can’t be uploaded into Acumen. This may be content digitized for patrons, donors, and other institutions; or it might be tiff image files that have already been placed online or archived … Continue reading

Day of Digital Archives: Finding Balance

Did you know today is the second annual Day of Digital Archives? It’s about celebration but also education: Just what is it we actually do here at Digital Services? What I like about being a Digitization Technologist is that it’s … Continue reading

XML is like…

For people who are looking at XML data for the first time it can be confusing to find a reference point that allows them to understand the role that values and tags can play in the structuring of their data. … Continue reading

Automating the capture process

As part of our ongoing efforts to develop and adopt workflow practices that increase the amount and quality of images we put into our digital archive we are always looking at new changes to our digitization process. Currently we are … Continue reading