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The Lost(?) Art of the Telegram

Our search tool, Acumen, is good for turning up items related to a given person or topic, but it can also be used to uncover particular types of items. While diaries and letters are popular tools for research, there are … Continue reading

Snapshot into the 1960s with student magazine Farrago

Welcome back, students! I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that we’re just over a week away from the first football game of the season! Did you know that a UA student magazine, Farrago, interviewed Bear Bryant at the … Continue reading

Tag the University of Alabama Photos!

The University of Alabama Photograph Collection is now available for TAGGING! This collection includes more than five thousand black and white photographs illustrating the history of The University of Alabama from the middle of the 19th century through the early … Continue reading

Early history of the University of Alabama?

We’ve just loaded a box of the Manly Family papers into the transcription interface, in the hopes that YOU would like to transcribe correspondence and diaries relating to the early history of the University of Alabama. Basil Manly, Sr. (1798-1868) … Continue reading

Adventures in geocoding

Last November, I was excited to read a D-Lib article on leveraging Google Map APIs to generate latitude/longitude values from locations, then generating files which could be uploaded to create embeddable maps of content. I explored and mapped out the … Continue reading

Newly Online: S.D. Cameron and Maxwell A. Cameron Papers

Recently added to Acumen is the S.D. Cameron and Maxwell A. Cameron Papers, primarily containing letters, of two Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, brothers during the Civil War. Samuel D. Cameron was a member of the 2nd Alabama Cavalry and Maxwell A. … Continue reading

1940s Wartime Advertising

A few weeks ago we had a post displaying some 1940s advertising. While researching that post, I came across advertising created during World War II. I thought this advertising was interesting enough to have its own post. Some encourage contributing … Continue reading

Be a part of a collaborative online project! Transcribe our letters!

Have you tried our transcription software yet? Transcribe allows anyone to transcribe documents that are found in Acumen. Maybe you need to transcribe the letter for your research and want others to benefit from your work as well. Or maybe … Continue reading

Soldier Land Grants

This week in 1812, the War of 1812 began. A collection in Acumen with a connection to the War of 1812 is the Soldier Land Grants. This collection contains United States Land Office certificates of title for soldiers, their heirs, … Continue reading

1940s Advertising

This is the third in a series looking at vintage advertising. Previous posts have featured advertising from the 1920s and 1930s. Look for a future post on advertising during World War II.     Please help us improve University Libraries … Continue reading