Not your average christmas carols

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There’s so much music written and published just for the Christmas season, but I bet you haven’t seen any of these pieces before.

Here’s some pretty normal fare, from 1887.

Sheet music, 1877, santa claus will come tonight

Notice Santa using his glasses to check his list. (Click on the image above to see it in Acumen and zoom in even more.)

Of course, there are also things a bit out of the ordinary.

From 1866, a polka.

Sheet music, 1866, Christmas Eve Polka

(Where’s Lawrence Welk when you need him?)

This last one is a whole cantata, but it’s nothing like you’d see in church!

Sheet music, 1917, santa and his auto sleigh

It was only 1917 when this was published, but they were already joking about the world changing too fast.

Such singing and ringing, Such accidents bringing,
These new fangled doings are not my kind of ways…
Such hurry and scurry, And no end of worry,
It never was so in our grandfathers’ days.

But no wonder they were worried — they wanted Santa to get an “auto-sleigh”!

santa and his auto sleigh, p. 11

These pieces of sheet music, and many more, are from The Wade Hall Collection of Southern History and Culture.

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  1. Max says:

    Those are awesome. It’s alway great to see how people celebrated the holidays in the past made it fun for the kids. I love the artwork. Now if only I could listen to the song in the last photo.

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