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Not your average christmas carols

There’s so much music written and published just for the Christmas season, but I bet you haven’t seen any of these pieces before. Here’s some pretty normal fare, from 1887. Notice Santa using his glasses to check his list. (Click … Continue reading

ETDs 2012: History, Culture, and Art

More scholarship from graduate students at UA. These questions all represent research published in dissertations and theses during 2012. * Anthropology: Can we learn anything about the 20th c. Great Migration of African Americans by looking at cemeteries? This image … Continue reading

Easter Music by Harald Rohlig

This week we will feature pipe organ music by Dr. Harald Röhlig in honor of Easter weekend. World renowned organist, Harald Röhlig is a composer and pipe organ designer. His career as a musician began in Germany during the 1930s. … Continue reading

Happy Birthday John Philip Sousa!

Sunday, November 6, marks the 157th anniversary of the birth of John Philip Sousa. Sousa was an American composer and conductor and is well-known for his American military and patriotic marches. Because of his proficiency writing these types of pieces, … Continue reading