Campus Rewind: Woods Hall

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Woods Hall has a long history on the UA campus, longer than most other buildings.

Built right after the Civil War, it was still a landmark over a hundred years later, when student protests halted its demolition. It was renovated in the 1970s, and today it houses the Department of Art and Art History. Let’s take a look at the building’s use over the years.


If you peek through the trees, you’ll see the building, circa 1874. There are still ruins of Civil War destruction in the foreground.

Woods Hall 1874
UA Photo Collection

In the late 19th century, the building housed cadets. Here they are practicing their drills.

Woods Hall 1890s
UA Photo Collection

In the 1910s, folks arrived on campus in horse and buggy.

Woods Hall 1910s
The UA Encyclopedia

The building saw the calm 1950s…

UA Photo Collection

…and well as the turbulent 1960s.

Woods Hall 1960s
Education Media Photo Collection

Here it is, filled with students, in 1969.

Woods Hall 1969
The UA Encyclopedia

In 1975, the building was under renovation.

Woods Hall 1975
The UA Encyclopedia

Here it is later that year, after the renovation was complete.

UA Photo Collection

UA Photo Collection

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  1. John Robert (J.R.) Stallworth says:

    In the 1930’s and early ’40’s, my uncle Claude Stallworth ran the dining hall – in Woods Hall – where the Alabama football players ate. It was his private business. Earlier, his father ( J.R. Stallworth, senior ) had the dining hall as well as being involved in six other firms. My father, John Robert , junior , was a bread salesman and would carry me with him on his route sometimes. When I was 8/9/10, it was quite a thrill to see Alabama football players at the ” bull pen “, the popular name for the dining hall. Wonderful memories. J.R. Stallworth Lawrenceville, Ga. 770 676 9931

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