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Shakespeare at 400

Four hundred years ago tomorrow, William Shakespeare’s life was over and the story of his cultural legacy began. At what a legacy it has been! There are countless adaptations of his work, in every artistic medium we’ve come up with over the … Continue reading

Indian Comic Books

Comic books have become a popular form of entertainment in India. While at first they had to content themselves with our western characters and publishers, more and more India has produced its own heroes and superheroes, such as Super Commando Dhruva, … Continue reading

Great Literature in Different Packages: Moby-Dick

Moby Dick by Herman Melville. Armed Services Edition New York : Council on Books in Wartime, 1944 AC 1 .A7 G-209 Moby Dick Comic. Authorized Edition New York : Dell Pub. Co., 1956. Hoole Library Harold E. Selesky Comic Collection … Continue reading