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Images from the CSS Alabama

The Confederate cruiser CSS Alabama has quite a history. Our sister blog, Cool at Hoole, has a series of posts telling the ship’s story, which — if you’ll believe it — starts with construction in secrecy in England and ends … Continue reading

Hidden Gem: Pictorial History of Fort Marion

Lately, we’ve been combing through Google Analytics data for our collections, and one thing it’s done is alert us to some popular items we didn’t know about, in part because they were not in particularly well-used collections. The Durst Family Papers is … Continue reading

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

Here are a few photo selections from our digital archives of people gathered during this Holiday Season. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Unintentional Spooks

If you’ve ever spent much time looking at photos of “ghosts” on the Internet, you know our eyes are very good at seeing what we expect to see — a face in the window, a shadowy figure in the bushes … Continue reading

Small Photo Collections: Horgan Industrial photos, Birmingham, 1889

The John Horgan, Jr. photo album contains 23 images of industrial sites around Birmingham. Taken in 1889, these images are a good example of early photography, but they can also provide a helpful context for other collections in Acumen. For … Continue reading

Small Photo Collections: Central Iron & Coal

The Central Iron and Coal Photograph Collection is a unique window on the mining industry in Alabama around the turn of the twentieth century. Composed of 70 images in four photo albums, this collection of images — depicting the construction … Continue reading