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Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) 2013-2014

Did you know the Acumen is the home for all dissertations and theses produced at the University of Alabama since 2009? Here’s a survey of some of the interesting questions UA students asked with their research in 2013 and 2014, representing 18 different degree programs! Media … Continue reading

Hidden Gem: Pictorial History of Fort Marion

Lately, we’ve been combing through Google Analytics data for our collections, and one thing it’s done is alert us to some popular items we didn’t know about, in part because they were not in particularly well-used collections. The Durst Family Papers is … Continue reading

Fighting Yellow Jack in Cuba

Have you ever heard of yellow fever? If you haven’t, give some of the credit to Dr. William Crawford Gorgas. In the early 20th century, following up on the work of Drs. Carlos Finlay and Walter Reed and others, he employed numerous sanitation … Continue reading

What do users need?

Lately I find myself pursuing clarity on how we should efficiently and effectively provide primary source materials online. Without a better feedback loop, how can we possibly address this issue? The panel I chaired (Exploring the User Experience with Digital … Continue reading

ETDs 2012: Math and Science

Check out these dissertations and theses from UA students, published in 2012! Kinesiology: Can cooling a pitcher’s arm between innings help him stay in the game longer? This image is from the Woodward Family photo collection Geography: Can remote sensing … Continue reading

ETDs 2012: Contemporary Culture and Technology

More great research from UA students: Dissertations and Theses on timely topics… Finance: Is searching for real estate using the internet really easier? This image is from the Woodward Family Papers Geography: How accessible is campus for cyclists and pedestrians? … Continue reading

ETDs 2012: History, Culture, and Art

More scholarship from graduate students at UA. These questions all represent research published in dissertations and theses during 2012. * Anthropology: Can we learn anything about the 20th c. Great Migration of African Americans by looking at cemeteries? This image … Continue reading

Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) 2012: People

When I was writing my doctoral dissertation, I always wondered, “Will what I do seem interesting to anyone else?” After a survey of theses and dissertations published at the University of Alabama over the past year, I feel a lot … Continue reading

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Did you know that all of the theses and dissertations written by University of Alabama students since 2009 are available on Acumen? They cover a wide and interesting array of topics, including: World of Warcraft, Benjamin Franklin, medical ethics in … Continue reading