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The Million Dollar Band hits its centennial

This year marks 100 years for UA’s Million Dollar Band! Here they are featured in the 1969 Corolla yearbook: 1957: 1959: 1965: Posing in front of Gorgas Library in 1966:

Fall break with Small Photo Collections: Wade Hall

Donor Wade Hall is that rare kind of collector who sees the value in seemingly normal, everyday documents and photos, things that aren’t connected to a big historical figure or moment but nevertheless make up the fabric of history. The … Continue reading

Small Photo Collections: James Harry Cowan scrapbook

The James Harry Cowan photograph scrapbook is a unique document, and uniquely presented. Each page contains multiple photographs of student life at UA — especially athletics — about a hundred years ago. In Acumen, when you click on the thumbnail … Continue reading

Small Photo Collections: Central Iron & Coal

The Central Iron and Coal Photograph Collection is a unique window on the mining industry in Alabama around the turn of the twentieth century. Composed of 70 images in four photo albums, this collection of images — depicting the construction … Continue reading

Celebrating our female athletes

Last year was a banner year for UA Athletics — especially because of our world-class female athletes! In celebration of our first national championships in softball and women’s golf, as well as back-to-back national titles for gymnastics, we take a … Continue reading

Featured Collection: Roland Harper Railroad Timetables

You never know what you’ll encounter in a large manuscript collection! Even the seemingly predictable might surprise you. The Hoole Special Collections Library holds a wealth of manuscript material from eminent botanist Roland Harper. Among his papers, you would expect … Continue reading

The Lost(?) Art of the Telegram

Our search tool, Acumen, is good for turning up items related to a given person or topic, but it can also be used to uncover particular types of items. While diaries and letters are popular tools for research, there are … Continue reading

Life in the mines: The UMWA in Alabama

Last year for Labor Day, we shared a link to an interview with Cleatus and Louise Burns, about their experiences working in the coal mines and living in the mining camps in the first half of the 20th century, hazards … Continue reading

Snapshot into the 1960s with student magazine Farrago

Welcome back, students! I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that we’re just over a week away from the first football game of the season! Did you know that a UA student magazine, Farrago, interviewed Bear Bryant at the … Continue reading

Fred Shuttlesworth

On May 3, 1963, peaceful demonstrators, many of them teenagers, are beaten back in downtown Birmingham by fire hoses and police dogs.  The extreme tactics, ordered by police commissioner Eugene “Bull” Connor brought international attention to Project C, the name … Continue reading