Welcome to a New Semester!

I think we’ve gotten off to a great start. Our Interns Louise and Alex, and our GTA Karlie are all settling into their new schedules, and are beginning their special projects. We are having some great conversations in our training sessions.

This week, Brett and I both shared examples of times when we failed pedagogically. Reflecting and sharing those experiences is what allows us to grow as teachers. Everyone read an article called “How Do They Conduct Class,” and we talked about finding our teaching style and allowing ourselves to experiment. We also talked about not being hard on ourselves if something doesn’t work out the way we hoped. We can only improve if we are willing to try new things, and sometimes new things don’t work, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth trying! We learn something new through the experience of trying, and that new knowledge is ours regardless of the success of our experiment!

Welcome, Alex, Louise and Karlie! Let’s have a great semester!