Recognizing African American History in the Classroom

Suggested Books

African-American History is a subject that can be taught all throughout the year, not just during the month of February. Whether you are introducing African-American History to your students for the first time or if it is referred to frequently in your classroom the items listed below will be useful to you. They contain a wide variety of topics and activities that can easily be incorporated. All books that are represented are found at the Mclure Education Library and the location of said books will be linked underneath each description.

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Henry’s Freedom Box

In 1849 a Virginia slave, Henry “Box” Brown, escapes to freedom by shipping himself in a wooden crate. This is an remarkable true story of a man who put his life on the line for his ultimate freedom. The author, Ellen Levine, and the illustrator,  Kadir Nelson, both do a incredible job with the story line and illustrations. Perfect for introducing the subject of slavery at a young age. This book is recommended for ages 4-8 year-olds.

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Stella by Starlight

Equal rights, segregation, and racism are all issues that eleven- year- old Stella faces. Sharon Draper dives deep into the south during the rise of the KKK and strong prejudice against the African American population. Draper paints Stella as an aspiring writer, and a girl would love to change things with not just her voice but also with the words she writes. This book is recommended for ages 9-13 with a caution to sensitive readers.



What Color Is My World?: The Lost History of African American Inventors

Children of all ages will enjoy learning historical facts about African-American inventors and the roles they have played in inventing many things.


African American History

A Kid’s Guide to African American History

This book includes more than 70 hands-on activities, songs, and games that teach kids about history and cultural awareness.


Suggested Classroom Activities



Have students create their own inventions or feature an African-American inventor!  This can be printed in our library.

henrys printable

Use this activity to encourage students to explore more facts about Henry “Box” Brown.  This can be printed in our library.

ballot box

McLure Education Library suggests using this idea to teach the importance of equal rights in voting.


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It’s Presidents Day!

It’s a wonderful day where we can all look back on the former presidents and appreciate what they did for our country! For example, our founding father, George Washington, who lead young America to freedom, or Abraham Lincoln who helped mend the ties of a broken country.  These are only a couple of the 44 presidents the United States of America has gained over 229 years.

The Mclure Education Library Staff have hand-picked a couple of books from our school library to offer to you and your future classroom!


What Does the President Do?  is a great book to educate the young curious mind! What does the future American President have to look forward too?  The author, David Jakubiak, simplifies the hard work of Mr. President for young readers, but also makes it interesting enough to inspire.

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A Picture Book of George Washington is a book with wonderful illustrations as it briefly tells of one of the United State’s founding father’s life.

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Abe Lincoln The Younger Years  gives readers a glimpse into Abe’s early life and how the trials he faced built him into the future president of the United States.  The illustrations are wonderfully fun and are sure to make any child smile.

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Below you will find a few classroom activities pinned from Pinterest.  These are free printables picked by McLure Education Library staff.  Visit McLure Education Library on Pinterest for more classroom ideas. Don’t forget that you can print these in our library using your ACTion card!

 learning printables for kidsClassroom activity suggested by McLure Education Library.:

Barack Obama free printable-

George Washington dot to dot free printable-

Abraham Lincoln free printable-





Celebrating Valentine’s Day

By Kristy Justice, Library Assistant, McLure Education Library

How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day in your classroom?

Children learn about love starting at an early age, take this as a perfect opportunity to teach your class about love, kindness, and compassion.
Listed below are a few ideas handpicked by McLure Education Library staff.

Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine

Does Junie B. really have to give that meanie ol’ Jim a valentime?  Her mother informed her that she was to include everyone in the class. Does Junie B. get a Valentine’s Day surprise?  This funny, chapter book series written by Barbara Park is suggested for ages 5-8.  This book is available in our school library!

Snowy Valentine
snowy valentine

This delightful story takes place on a cold, snowy Valentine’s Day.  Jasper the bunny is desperately searching for the perfect gift to show his wife just how much he loves her.  Feeling discouraged and having no luck finding something special, a friend helps him realize that he has already created the perfect Valentine’s Day present.  Written by David Petersen, this heartwarming story is recommended for children ages 3-6.

Classroom Activities

stemmathcolorword searchheart

Valentine’s Day Stem –                                                                                         Valentine’s Day Math Worksheets-
Valentine’s Day Color by Number-
Valentine’s Day Word Search-
Pumping Heart Model is located in the Curriculum Materials section at McLure Education Library –
Classroom Crafts


Heart Shaped Animals-
Maze Printable-
Valentine Bag Bear/Bunny-