Arthurian Legends and Myths for Young Adults

McLure Library has several series and stand alone novels for young adults in which the King Arthur legends and myths are twisted, turned, and retold.  This almost makes some of them unrecognizable, but keeps the stories fresh and entertaining for those who consider themselves King Arthur experts.

Retelling tales is not a new idea and young adult author, T. A. Barron, started doing it in back in the 1990’s with a 12 book series that is titled The Merlin Saga.  The first of these novels may be twenty years old, but the series has retained their magical elements and will provide hours of reading pleasure.  The series is broken up into smaller segments; Lost Years of Merlin, Merlin’s Dragon Trilogy, Great Tree of Avalon, and a final novel titled,  The Book of Magic.  All of Barron’s books use Arthurian myths and legends to reinforce an underlying theme of nature and ecology and the power of renewal and free choice.

McLure library has the 5 books of the Lost Years of Merlin.

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The Great Tree of Avalon series begins with The Child of the Dark Prophecy, continues with Shadow on the Stars, and ends with The Eternal Flame.

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Rick Yancey has also written a series for young adults that uses the Arthurian legends and myths as the starting point.  The Alfred Kropp trilogy is about an awkward, unmotivated teenager who finds himself in possession of King Arthur’s sword, Excalibur.  McLure has two of the titles in this series.

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