Random reflections

Just thought I would mention that i was in a meeting the other day for which the other attendees were prepared, and the subject was teaching philosophies.  Up until that time, i did not think i had a teaching philosophy, but when a “six word philosophical statement” was shared with the group, i almost immediately came up with mine.  “Bouncing ideas from student to student.”  All we need to do is keep what is bouncing more or less in bounds, and show students the tools and how to use them.  I really admire what i see happening with the professional staff here.  Certainly a worthy aim, this library instruction, and i am happy to think of all the competent information consumers being spawned on this campus.

I also sat in on a portion of a class taught by Michael Pearce, who took the students (and me) on a 360 degree tour of the basic Scout page.  Picked up some valuable tips, and now all i need to do is find them again, my constant problem.  Practice, practice, practice.

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