Week 4: SLIS Survivor

This week all the interns joined Brett for our first co-teaching experience (well, except for Robert…he’s seasoned).  We all met in the Osburn Room to give library tours and play a game of Library Survivor (LS) with SLIS’s LS507 class.  We had previously worked with Brett to develop a version of LS that would appeal to SLIS students, and I think it turned out nicely.  I was lucky enough to get a combination of SLISers in my tour group.  All of them were first semester students, but each student was familiar with the library in different ways.  Tours, I think, are perfect for me.  When I’m moving, my nerves aren’t really an issue.  I also liked dealing with the students in a small group.  I felt like I got to “know” them a little bit on the tour, so by the time we came back to the classroom to go over SCOUT I was as cool and a cucumber.  I think I’m going to really enjoy doing these BCE/Compass classes in the next couple of weeks, which follow the same format.  Now for first year writing…


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