Job Searching

On Friday I finished my first job application. I am interested in public libraries, especially with reference and instruction. I know that there are fewer opportunities for these positions, but I found one that I really like. I know that perhaps they are interested in hiring before my graduation, but I feel good about doing my application because I was able to create a resume and cover letter for what I think is the perfect job. I used the opportunity as an exercise in defining my goals. I was happy to be able to put solid experience with instruction in my application. I had to complete a personal statement of sorts for the application, and I was able to explain why I have chosen to do the jobs and internships that I have. I am still overwhelmed by job searching, but I feel I am off to a good start. 

One thought on “Job Searching

  1. Katie, you are a great candidate and you are pursing your goals with passion 🙂 I know you are going to get a job that you can feel proud of and that will challenge you to stretch your librarian muscles and really do some good out there. If you feel comfortable, I’d love for you to post your personal statement here!

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