Session 1 Asynchronous Proposal

Using the Session 1 Lesson Plan, I plan to incorporate asynchronous teaching methods in to the lesson in order to create an independent online learning environment. I plan to begin the lesson with a recorded video introduction, introducing myself, my role within the library, and the availability of the research librarians. Next, the lesson will include a screen cast pointing out the pertinent aspects of the library website. The screencast will demonstrate: hours, interlibrary loan, Stanford Media Center, Library Software List, Print to Library Computers, and Ask-A-Librarian. The students will then be required to submit an Ask-A-Librarian question based upon their area of interest for their final paper. These questions will be answered by the instructor before the session 2 instruction. After this, there will be a video discussing the goals and objectives for the lesson. Moving on to the research process, the instructor will include a video describing their personal research process and discus places to do background research. Depending on what the instructor’s research process, a screen cast can be included within the video. Students will then be asked to submit an explanation of their own personal research process, to a class discussion board in text or in video form, to the viewed by their fellow classmates. This will be followed by a video PowerPoint explaining the broad vs. narrow process. Students will then be asked to practice this skill by completing the Step-By-Step Scout Guide on the EN102 libguide.  To complete the lesson students will be asked to take a final assessment to gage how much of the information was retained by the students. The information provided by students will be reviewed by the instructor to aid in planning for the session 2 lesson.

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