Formulating a Poster

Creating  a poster for a conference was a new experience for the semester. Going into the project I had absolutely no idea what a conference poster should look like and what information should be included on it. Therefore, this was great experience for me, and I feel like I really learned a great deal. It was very interesting watching the poster take shape. I feel it truly was a collaborative effort, as we all had particular sections of the poster to contribute to. The poster itself went through several different versions and was improved upon each time.  It was really nice to see that a poster can truly be what you make of it. For example,  a conference poster does not have to be heavily inundated with research and data. When presenting the poster at ALLA, it was a truly enlightening experience. I feel going through this presentation process I really grew as a library professional.

One thought on “Formulating a Poster

  1. Working on a project like this- a visual representation of an activity or a technique- is a great way to really formally analyze that activity. I really appreciated how much everyone contributed to the poster design, and I was thrilled that all four of us were able to attend the presentation! Thanks for sitting next to me while I worked in Photoshop. You really contributed a lot!

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