The use of curriculum mapping facilitates the communication among educators

The experience of participating in the project of curriculum mapping is a little tedious but very learning. Through a process of collecting and transforming a large number of data, I familiarized my self with how a subject is structured hierarchically, what factors should be considered when a new curriculum is implemented, and the use of curriculum mapping. I do not expect that, besides functions I already know, the use of curriculum mapping can even increase the collaboration among stakeholders at universities.

For me with no experience in this area , in the beginning I had no idea just “mechanically”removed curriculum records to extract data. Afterwards, a lot of duplicated information in different disciplines aroused my attention. If each subject is organized like a tree where many terms group beneath a term from upper level of the tree, branches of different subject trees are intertwined and overlapped with each other. From this, I find data collected on curriculum mapping allows us to identify the inter-sectional parts of different courses where pedagogical cooperative relationship can be built among different departments. This link is the fundamental element of sharing education resources and unified management.

During the creation and implementation of information literacy curriculum map(ILCM), because librarians and faculty make great effort toward the same direction, they have many opportunities to collaborate. On one side, mentoring librarians are responsible for creation of curriculum. On the other side, instructors hold introduction sessions to library service and figure out what skills students should master in their discipline. In addition, at some colleges, the office of assessment works with faculty and academic departments to investigate learning situation of students for adjusting the curriculum. Thus librarians , faculty, and rating agencies are agreeing and build a perfect teaching system.(Charles, 2015)

In conclusion, curriculum mapping is the catalyst for communication among educators .


Charles, L. H. (2015). Using an information literacy curriculum mas as a means of communication and accountability for stakeholders in higher education. Journal of Information Literacy, 9(1).

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