Keywords Are Here to Stay.

Keywords are one of those building block learning tools that when you are initially learning it it is difficult, but once you move on from it, you never mention it again or give it second thought. At least for me at least. Although I still use the phrase “keyword,” I no longer take the time to actually stop and think about keywords. I no longer sit and actively analyze what I am doing in regards to keywords.

It has become a second nature task that I do. I use the things that I have been taught, but I do so without thought. I try alternative words, look at the words in the populated responses, and look at subjects- but I never think “I am using Keywords to their advantage.”The assignment this week to lesson plan a “Keyword Activity” was initially difficult because I was removed from that process. I had to think “oh yeah, thats what that is.” Once it all came flooding back to me, I was back to business.

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