Lesson Plan Reflection: Boolean Operators

While I did not observe anyone this week, I did have a few meetings about lesson planning for my upcoming teaching session. I also worked on a Boolean operators learning activity. For my activity, I decided to use Harry Potter themed search terms. I have 3 venn diagrams. To teach Boolean operators, I plan to demonstrate the operators in Scout with my 3 different search combinations. While I do this, I plan for the students to follow along and complete the search with me. Following that, I have a short activity for them to do with their own key words.  I have four questions:

  1. What are your key terms?
  2. Use some of these terms along with the Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT.
  3. How are your search results changed when you use the different Boolean operators?
  4. Try using more than one Boolean operator. How does this effect your results?

I hope that by using the operators along with me, and then by using the operators for their own search results, that the students will internalize what the operators mean.

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