Reflections on “Becoming Critically Reflective” by Stephen D. Brookfield

I felt this article was an interesting read. I thought the author brought up an interesting point about how for teachers, critical reflection and analyzing of your own “autobiography” gives you insight into how your own past experiences shaped you into the type of teacher you are. The article used an example of a teacher who was more reserved and reflective during class discussions back when they were a student. That teacher is more likely to be understanding of students who are the same way than a teacher who was outspoken and always had something to say. Even though the author used this point in the context of teaching, I feel it applies to everyone. Everyone has their own past, or “autobiography,” that has shaped them into the person they have become.

The author also discussed how reflections from others, such as students and colleagues, can give teachers insight. Trying to see yourself as your students see you can make you more effective in the classroom. Talking with colleagues dealing with the same difficulties that you are facing can also give you new perspective and ultimately make you a better teacher. Critical reflection can change the way you think about your professional development.

I think the biggest takeaway from the article was that critical reflection of oneself can lead you to discovering your own voice. You realize that your own experiences, as well as the experiences of those around you, shape how you work, giving you confidence in the work you are doing, no matter what profession you are in.


2 thoughts on “Reflections on “Becoming Critically Reflective” by Stephen D. Brookfield

  1. Excellent Jennifer! And one of the reasons we participate in this blog is to facilitate that reflection! I look forward to watching your teaching and reflection skills grow during your internship!

  2. Excellent Jennifer, reflection is such an important part of teaching and instruction! And it’s the main reason we participate in this blog 🙂 I look forward to watching you grow as an instructor through your internship!

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