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Reflections and Wrap-Up of My Internship!

Wow! I can’t believe today is the last day of my internship. It has really flown by. I feel like I just started! Looking back, this internship has been a great experience. Through the internship, I gained experience and learned

“College for Every Student” Library Tour

This week I got to give a tour of Gorgas Library to a group visiting campus, called College for Every Student. I really enjoyed this group. It was a large group, with students from a variety of backgrounds. It was

NSORO Library Tour

Today I had the opportunity to give a tour of the library to the high school group, NSORO. There were 37 students total and 9 students were in my group. I took them on a tour of each floor of

Reflections on “The Heart of a Teacher: Identity and Integrity in Teaching”

This reading was a selected chapter from a book, and I thought it was a very interesting read. The author is a professor who has had a long career teaching in higher education. He talks about identity and integrity, and

Lesson Plan for Instruction Session on Determining a Source’s Currency

Here is a lesson plan that teaches students about determining a source’s currency. LESSON PLAN Objectives: 1. Students will know to always check the date the information they are using was produced. 2. Students will understand that subjects or fields

Lesson Plan for Instruction Session on Boolean Operators

A common topic many college students need instruction on to aid in their information literacy skills is the concept of Boolean operators. The following is a lesson plan I thought would be a fun way to introduce the topic to

Reflections on “How Do They Conduct Class?”

This article addressed the topic of good teachers, and what it is that makes a good teacher successful. One thing the author talked about was creating a natural critical learning environment. This can be done through discussion, role-playing, or other

Reflections on “Using Podcasts to Replace Lecture: Effects on Student Achievement” by Blanche W. O’Bannon, Jennifer K. Lubke, Jeffrey L. Beard, and Virginia G. Britt

This article reports on a study that examined student achievement when podcasts were used in lieu of lectures in a required technology course for perspective teachers. Students were divided into two groups, one group was the podcast group and the

Reflections on “Advancing Critical Thinking and Information Literacy Skills in First Year College Students” by Mark Afino, Michele Pajer, Linda Pierce, and Kelly O’Brien Jenks

This article provided a case study of recent curriculum development in a freshman skills program at Gonzaga University which included a block of “thought and expression” courses. These courses gave instruction in writing and speech communication. The authors made a

Reflections on “Becoming Critically Reflective” by Stephen D. Brookfield

I felt this article was an interesting read. I thought the author brought up an interesting point about how for teachers, critical reflection and analyzing of your own “autobiography” gives you insight into how your own past experiences shaped you