Reflections on “Using Podcasts to Replace Lecture: Effects on Student Achievement” by Blanche W. O’Bannon, Jennifer K. Lubke, Jeffrey L. Beard, and Virginia G. Britt

This article reports on a study that examined student achievement when podcasts were used in lieu of lectures in a required technology course for perspective teachers. Students were divided into two groups, one group was the podcast group and the other the control group. Data was taken on the students through chapter quiz scores, online survey responses, and podcast journals. The results showed that podcasts can in fact replace lectures with no detrimental effects on the students’ achievement in the classroom. The article even points out benefits of replacing lectures with podcasts, citing additional time gained for in-class demonstration, guided practice, and other activities as examples.

I am currently working on a podcasting project myself, so I found this article very interesting. The project I am working on is a podcast series for ENG 101 and 102 students to assist them with writing research papers. I do believe podcasts can be valuable educational tools and can be a great alternative to lecture, but I do not think they can replace the classroom experience. I believe their purpose should be to add to and enhance what happens in the classroom, which is what I think the article was getting at when talking about the benefits of podcasts. I agree with the article that podcasts are beneficial and a great way to use technology as an educational tool.


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