NSORO Library Tour

Today I had the opportunity to give a tour of the library to the high school group, NSORO. There were 37 students total and 9 students were in my group. I took them on a tour of each floor of the library, and they had a worksheet with a few basic questions about what was on each floor and the services they provided. The group also had an ipad to take around so they could take pictures of something that they were surprised to find on each floor. Not surprisingly, my group loved the Sanford Media Center on the second floor, as well as the Williams Collection on the third floor. Those are always popular stops along the tour. My group had a really fun time taking pictures around the library with the ipad. We had to rotate the ipad around the group so everyone got a turn! After the tour, the entire group gathered together again in the instruction room to talk about what they saw on their tour. By hooking up the ipads to a projector, each group was able to share their pictures they took with the entire group. The group really enjoyed sharing what they saw and getting to see everyone’s pictures. Overall, it was a great experience. I feel like I am becoming more comfortable with sharing the library and what all we have to offer with student groups that are visiting. I also think the students benefitted from the tour. No matter where they end up going to college, they will be familiar with the basic resources and services an academic library has to offer. While learning these things, they hopefully had a fun time along the way!


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