One-on-One Instruction

On Thursday I observed Michael doing the second session of an EN 102. On Monday I co-taught the same section. Since there was not as much time between seeing it and doing it, I was nervous, but I think Monday’s was a success. I felt comfortable with the way that I explained the differences between popular and scholarly sources. There was some trouble with the activity, but I have been more concerned with how I explain something. I am glad that I was able to properly describe the difference in these sources. I think that the topics covered in the second session of the class are quite applicable to public library instruction. While most public library patrons will not be writing formal research, they will be using information accessed from several sources, mostly internet, Google results style. I think that being able to help a patron learn how to evaluate information will be very important. 

An interesting thing that I have learned about lately in my User Instruction class is one-on-one instruction. I know that we are largely speaking to a group, but most session have a time slot set aside for individual searching. During this time I feel that I do the best work because I am able to figure out what the individual needs and how to help them. Since everything that an instructor says will not automatically file itself away into the student’s brain, the one-on-one time will allow for an instructor to address the ideas presented that the student is weak in. 

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