Session 2 Experiences and Reading

This week I taught my back-to-back session 2’s. I was able to control my nerves and deliver my content. During my active learning activity involving evaluating sources, I was fortunate enough to learn from my students! I chose an academic journal article that was related to my topic but not exactly relevant, and a student pointed this out. I had students that accurately described how they would use these sources for their papers–to describe a company’s official position and to source first-hand accounts, for example. I thought this was really encouraging. 

The reading on podcast efficacy as used in a flipped classroom setting was very interesting. I think the authors are right in that podcasts have a lot of potential and free up instructors to engage in active learning exercises and discussion with their students. However, in my experience the podcasts need to be pushed by the class professors in order to be effective. It seemed that only the most studious of the class completed the podcast assignments, while others ignored the assignment. 

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