Solo Session

I have completed 8 of my sessions. I did my first solo session on Wednesday. I had an unexpected brush with nerves halfway through the tour, but I think I did pretty well on the tutorial on Scout. I am glad to be finished with my first go around. I have two more week after next. I expect that they will be better. 

Lizzie and I have been working on our tutorials. I am looking forward to seeing them as a full piece. I think that we have mapped out a pretty good theme for our videos. We were going to originally use Bigfoot, but there aren’t very good results from the searches we need, so we decided to switch to zombies. We had even found a cute little Bigfoot for a graphic, but I will survive. 

Lastly, I found and have included this link to a talk by Neil Gaiman about the importance of libraries. Gaiman is well known for his support of libraries. I think that he said some amazing things in this talk. 

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