Mapping curricula and employ-ability skills

As always, I get used to receive knowledge passively as a student but the transitional point comes when I get this internship. To work with instructional libraries on mapping curricula makes me think about curriculum design actively at the point-view of curriculum developer.

In the project, a comprehensive process of mapping consists of establishing learning goals and assessment. Learning outcomes are increasingly tended to focus on employ-ability skills as a result of broader skilled needed by graduate employees.

According to Oliver’s article, I know the process of mapping curricula goes through five phases from initial request to course changes approved and course learning outcomes consist of several units. (2007) Learning outcomes are aligned with employ-ability so that the curriculum engages students to develop work-readiness.

However, there are a lot of complications and challenges around this pedagogical philosophy. Academic staffs are too busy to do extra work on reviewing curriculum. Also, changes in a wide variety of courses will largely affect the teaching system, which may pay costs. Nevertheless, in my point of view, the quality of learning is worthy to invest time and money. With employ-ability embedded, employment of graduates are improved which will widen the intake of universities, creating a virtuous cycle.

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