Curriculum Mapping

Part of my summer internship with GIS involved my own curriculum mapping project. The project was to begin some basic curriculum mapping for the college where I am going to be serving as the Electronic Resources and Reference Librarian. Since the college has their own educational framework my plan was to map a course from their core curriculum to the college’s framework and to ACRL’s Framework. I also began an attempt to map the two frameworks to each other. However, I was unable to get a copy of a syllabus and the college’s catalog did not provide in-depth learning outcomes for the course; and I would have liked to map an individual assignment. So instead of mapping a course I began to map the goals of the entire Core Program. Mapping at a high level like this proved challenging, but was also very helpful. I am glad I was able to do this project because it allowed me to put into practice some more of what I worked on at the beginning of the summer, and the internship readings. It also gave me a much better understanding of the college’s Core Program so I can arrive on campus with some more well formed thoughts on how I can serve the community as a new librarian.

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