Invisible Gorillas Are Everywhere: Interesting, perhaps controversial, piece

Academe Today, January 24, 2012, Invisible Gorillas Are Everywhere.

William Pannapacker reviews the 2011 HASTAC meeting (see keynotes here) and comments on technology and the digital humanities debate.

There is also mention of the MLA and AHA guidelines for evaluating digital projects. I’m guessing that would be the following:

Since we have touched on how to evaluate projects previously, perhaps this would be a good discussion item.

Proposal for Change in Graduate Education in the Humanities

I came across this post from Bethany Nowviskie of UVa that was highlighted in the Chronicle Academe Today.  I include both links as they have different comments associated with them.

I’m interested in a local discussion of these matters in terms of what we are offering graduate students as we inculcate them into a discipline and prepare them to use today’s tools of scholarship.  Your thoughts?

Recent MLA and AHA Meetings

The Chronicle of Higher Education has reported some details on these two meetings, e.g.,

I know that some of you attended these meetings. Any observations, thoughts, summaries, concerns, lessons you would like to share?