Keeping Your Digital Works Alive

At last week’s brown bag, “Keeping Your Digital Works Alive,” Jody DeRidder (Head of Digital Services, UA Libraries) led our discussion about important considerations for selecting items and avenues for long-term access to digital materials. She has also built this incredibly helpful wiki, Recommendations for Authors and Creators which offers info about standards, general suggestions, and resources for more information. Thanks to Jody for her presentation and this resource!



Video presentation about HootSuite

Sara Maurice Whitver, the First-Year Experience Librarian at the UA Libraries, has made a great video companion to her workshop, “HootSuite–Reclaim Control Over Your Social Media” using Camtasia. Watch her video to learn more about managing multiple social media streams through HootSuite. Thank, Sara, for making this video edition for those who missed the workshop! We appreciate your hard work.

Video edition of HootSuite workshop: