Color Dilemma

We just held a workshop on Adobe Photoshop the other day and discussed colors, capture and display devices, and the potential problems in the beginning of the session. Seeing that the internet is a little confused about the color of a dress, here’s my answer to that problem: the dress is blue and black. Continue reading

Visiting Speaker: Robert Allen on Digital Loray

Sponsored by the Summersell Center and the Libraries

Digital LorayRobert Allen’s talk is a report on “Digital Loray,” a digital public humanities “project in process” being undertaken by the UNC Digital Innovation Lab.  “Digital Loray” is a multi-media digital collection of materials reflecting the history of one of the largest and most iconic textile mills in the South, the Loray Mill in Gastonia, N.C., the tens of thousands of people who worked in the mill over its 90-year history as an operating textile manufacturing facility, and the community of which the mill has been and continues to be a part.  The long and rich history of the mill includes the Loray Mill Strike in 1929.  The 600,000 square foot site is being restored and repurposed as apartments and retail and commercial space.  “Digital Loray” is designed as an online historical and community resource, and as source material for on-site programming and activities.

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A Practical Use of the 3D Printer

Preview of the model

A see-through version of the tripod mount.

Although we have a lot going on in the ADHC, sometimes it’s faster to build from scratch. Armed with Autodesk’s 3D Studio Max and a 3D Printer, I created this tripod mount for our webcam after a few challenging videoconferencing sessions trying to prop up the camera. Continue reading