DH Grad Seminar Tool Reviews

Check out these thoughtful tool reviews produced by members of David Ainsworth’s “ENG 500: Digital Humanities” graduate course. Visit the course website’s “Work” drop-down menu for interesting project reviews and theory reviews as well (http://digitalhumanitiesseminar.ua.edu/). Feel free to leave comments!

Dropbox by Dallas Merritt: http://digitalhumanitiesseminar.ua.edu/work/tool-reviews/dropbox-tool-review/

Prezi by Cassandra Nelson: http://digitalhumanitiesseminar.ua.edu/work/tool-reviews/prezi-tool-review-nelson/

Edmodo by Rebecca Fil: http://digitalhumanitiesseminar.ua.edu/work/tool-reviews/rebecca-fil-edmodo-tool-review/

Zotero by Joseph Santoli: http://digitalhumanitiesseminar.ua.edu/work/tool-reviews/santoli-zotero-review/

Twitter by Alex Pieschel: http://digitalhumanitiesseminar.ua.edu/work/tool-reviews/twitter-tool-review-alex-pieschel/

Google Scholar by Lauren Liebe: http://digitalhumanitiesseminar.ua.edu/work/tool-reviews/google-scholar-review-liebe/


6 thoughts on “DH Grad Seminar Tool Reviews

  1. Thanks for posting all of this! I wish I had known that the DH seminar had a blog and webpage set up at the beginning of the semester since there’s a lot of good content there that’s a bit much to read and process at one sitting (she says two hours after clicking the link). I’ve now added the main RSS feed to my reader so I can keep up with future posts. I hope that David will keep this site online after the semester ends. David Michelson’s DH grad course website from a couple years ago is still online (http://introtodigitalhumanitiesspring2011.digress.it/) Perhaps you could create a tab called “Courses” on the main ADHC page, along with Projects, People, etc, so that we’d have easy access to these course websites. They are a treasure trove of links to scholarly articles, and presumably someone will offer a third DH grad course in the next year or two, so it would be nice to start to group them all together in some way. Just a suggestion.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Jen! I will talk to Davids about their interest in doing this and will build the sites into our existing Resources page if they approve.

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