DH Grad Seminar Tool Reviews

Check out these thoughtful tool reviews produced by members of David Ainsworth’s “ENG 500: Digital Humanities” graduate course. Visit the course website’s “Work” drop-down menu for interesting project reviews and theory reviews as well (http://digitalhumanitiesseminar.ua.edu/). Feel free to leave comments!

Dropbox by Dallas Merritt: http://digitalhumanitiesseminar.ua.edu/work/tool-reviews/dropbox-tool-review/

Prezi by Cassandra Nelson: http://digitalhumanitiesseminar.ua.edu/work/tool-reviews/prezi-tool-review-nelson/

Edmodo by Rebecca Fil: http://digitalhumanitiesseminar.ua.edu/work/tool-reviews/rebecca-fil-edmodo-tool-review/

Zotero by Joseph Santoli: http://digitalhumanitiesseminar.ua.edu/work/tool-reviews/santoli-zotero-review/

Twitter by Alex Pieschel: http://digitalhumanitiesseminar.ua.edu/work/tool-reviews/twitter-tool-review-alex-pieschel/

Google Scholar by Lauren Liebe: http://digitalhumanitiesseminar.ua.edu/work/tool-reviews/google-scholar-review-liebe/


Register for THATCamp Alabama!

Registration is now open for THATCamp Alabama, a statewide event happening on August 9-10, 2013, at the University of Alabama. Organized by representatives from Alabama colleges, universities, and libraries, THATCamp Alabama (http://alabama2013.thatcamp.org/) is an “unconference”— a space to share skills and experiences with technology and humanities and brainstorm ways that we can work collaboratively on digital projects within our institutions and beyond. We are looking for technologists and humanists at all levels and hope to host a diverse group representing researchers, teachers, librarians, curators, archivists, and others. All participants play an active role in setting the event agenda by proposing sessions that reflect their interests.

If you or your colleagues would be interested in attending this event, please spread the word and visit our website: alabama2013.thatcamp.org. To sign up for this free event, please visit our registration page. Space is limited.

Hope to see you at THATCamp Alabama!

Topic Modeling the “Great Unread”

Here are the slides from Peter Leonard’s March 7 talk, “Topic Modeling the ‘Great Unread.'” He has done fascinating work with funding from Google on the Scandinavian Literature in the Google Books corpus. Topic modeling is also one approach to text mining worth knowing about. His talk includes many links and references to similar projects.

The Promise and Perils of Doing History in a Digital Age

Andrew Torget’s February talk, “The Promise and Perils of Doing History in a Digital Age” is now up on iTunes U (listed as part of the Summersell Center talks):


If you were unable to attend this talk, this is a terrific resource for people interested in new DH projects as well as an overview of the field and its history.